Taiwan gold card

The Taiwan Employment Gold Card is a combined open work permit, residence permit and visa for skilled professionals.



The application fees for this visa would be $225.


The minimum required monthly income for this visa is $0.


This visa allows you to stay in the country for a duration of 12 months.


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What is the Gold Card?

The Taiwan Employment Gold Card is a combined visa, work permit and residence permit launched in 2018 to attract professional talent in Taiwan. The card gives you the right to stay and work in Taiwan for 1 year to 3 years, and you can apply online without sponsorship. The card comes with open work rights, so you may work for any (or multiple) company in Taiwan or start your own business. You can bring your family with you, and visitor rights for parents and grandparents are also included. There are tax incentives for cardholders with high salaries.

Qualification is based on an asssessment of your professional skills, you don’t need to have already secured a job in Taiwan. The Gold Card costs between USD100 and USD310 depending on your nationality and the duration of your card.

How long does the application take?

A perfect application takes 30 days, if your supporting documents are accepted the first time around and there are no external factors (eg COVID-19 delays). If you are asked for tweaks to your supporting documents, expect 60+ days.

What fees are involved in a Gold Card application?

There is only one fee, which is paid through the Gold Card application portal. There are no separate visa or work permit fees.

The fees varies if you apply from Taiwan or overseas, the duration of the visa, and your nationality. You can check the “Fees for Employment Gold Card” section of the application portal.

Do I qualify?

In order to qualify for an Employment Gold Card your skills must be related to one of eight areas: Science and Technology, Economics, Education, Culture and Art, Sport, Finance, Law and Architecture. You must select which single ministry is most relevant, and in most cases also select a specific entry in the list of that qualifications in that particular area for your application. Use the Gold Card Qualification Check to find the relevant choices for you.

Do I need to have a high salary to apply for a Gold Card?

No. Some industries have a category where applicants with a salary greater than NT$160,000 qualify. However, this is only one category. To date, none of the categories other than the dedicated salary category have financial requirements. If you have skills, please consider applying regardless of salary!

The Gold Card Application

Application is done online. Once you have determined how you are qualified, gather the required documents:

  • Digital copy of your passport
  • Digital copy of your passport photo
  • Your previous Taiwanese visa and residence permit (if any)
  • Dates of any times you worked in Taiwan
  • Digital copies of all documents needed to support your application

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